WYSE's Ham Radio Site

Neil Klagge, Chief Operator


I received my Novice Class Amateur Radio License in November of 1954 at the age of 14. Six months later I upgraded to Conditional Class (General class by volunteer examiner) from WNØYSE to WØYSE. I became an Extra Class in 1960.

At age 13 I built my first receiver, a 2 tube regenerative set with plug-in coils for 80, 40, and 20 meters from junk parts under the supervision of an electronics teacher, Andrew G. Woolfries, wØdsp (SK). Click on his name to see what he contributed as one of the early radio broadcasters and experimenters at Iowa State (Use ctrl+F and type in his name to find him on that page).  After I got my novice license, Andy helped me build a two tube CW transmitter from the ARRL Handbook to complete my first station. It had a 6AG7 crystal oscillator and a 6L6 amplifier. Since then I have built several others, including a 600 watt PEP linear from junk parts salvaged from some obsolete medical equipment. I am now content to be an "appliance" operator for the most part. However, since we are soon to have access to 472-479 kHz, I will probably have to build a CW transmitter from scratch for that band. Retirement has afforded me the time I will need to do that. Check out my "600 meter" page.


                              My Ham Shack

Yaesu FT100D Transceiver
31 ft Vertical + LDG tuner
Bencher Paddles
J-38 Hand Key
TenTec R4020 QRP rig
40/20 mtr "Windom"
PA0RDT E-probe antenna
HRD/DM780  (main SW)
MixW (secondary SW)
ARGO and WSPR for weak signal modes


                    Other Photos of my shack in Utah

My Yaesu FT100d has served me well since 2002

          I really dont use the mic' very often.....CW is still king!


     My QRP rig is a TenTec R4020 for 20 and 40 meter QSO's

                 It also receives from 5.0 to 16.0 MHz


                             Thank you for checking out my site

November, 2014:

I have moved from Utah to Vancouver Washington and am back on the air, mostly on 630 meters (472-479  kHz) with experimental license WG2XSV. My "WSPR" mode beacon has been copied as far as Hawaii, MD, TX, BC, AK and many states in between. Check out my 600m page and my WG2XSV pages on this website.